Parents & Carers

Working with you

We believe that only by working together with students and their parents/carers can we get the very best results for each individual. We will work with you from the point of initial referral to ensure that our school is the right setting for your child. We will also maintain contact and continue to offer support until after the student has successfully transitioned to Further Education, Training or Employment.

We will ask parents/carers to take an active role by helping develop our Education Plans, taking part in reviews, offering feedback, and in ultimately supporting their child to succeed. We will provide ongoing reports, feedback and information relating to each students’ progress; we will tell parents when things have gone well, and when they haven’t gone so well so that we can work together to praise positive performance/behaviour and address instances of underperformance or poor behaviour.


We recognise that technology plays an increasingly important role in pupil’s lives, both educationally and socially. We are committed to helping all members of the School community to understand both the benefits and the risks, and to equip pupils with the knowledge and skills to be able to use technology safely and responsibly. For more information see our E-safety policy in the ‘Documents’ section.

If parents have any concerns regarding E-safety, please contact the School.


In some instances it may be necessary to exclude pupils for a fixed term, or permanently. We recognise that pupils at our school have already been excluded from education so we will seek to find strategies to avoid this wherever possible.

Exclusions will only take place where there is a serious risk of harm to the education or welfare of the pupil or others in the School. Exclusions will never be used as a punitive sanction. Please see the ‘Documents’ tab for our Exclusions policy.

What Parents Say (surveys, feedback etc.)


Compliments & Complaints

We endeavour to provide the best possible service for the children in our care and their families. However there are times when people feel a valid complaint or compliment needs to be made and it is our intent to hear that criticism/compliment, whether it is an offer for improvement or a case where there is a grievance. In all circumstances we will endeavour to respond to you in a swift, honest, open and fair manner.

Please see the ‘Documents’ tab for our complaints and compliments procedure

Get Involved

The Governing Body of Future Education is seeking to recruit School Governors to add capacity to our governance structure, and to enrich the existing skills mix.

We are seeking to recruit people from a range of backgrounds that have the time, commitment and enthusiasm to help us develop and deliver education services to Norfolk’s most challenging and vulnerable children. Previous experience within education or the social care sector may be helpful, but is not necessary.

Alternatively, if you are interested in taking part as a volunteer and developing your skills, we may be able to offer voluntary positions.

If you are interesting in applying, or wish to find out more, please contact:

John Butcher
Head Teacher
Future Education
168b Motum Road
t: 01603 251 310


  • What is an Independent Special School?

An independent Special school is a school which provides full time education for pupils with special educational needs, and is not maintained by the Local Authority.

This means we do not depend on Local or National Government for financing, governance or management. Often these schools are run by charities as not-for-profit establishments, as is the case with Future Education – which is part of the Future Projects charity (Number 1103200). The school has a Governor Board, qualified Teachers, and all the other things you would expect to see in any ordinary school.

Placements at Future Education usually come through the Local Authority as there are not enough places, or not the specialist expertise, support or equipment available within maintained special schools.

  • Can I choose to have my child attend Future Education School?

If your child has an Education Health and Care Plan you have the right to request that s/he attends a specific school. If you would like your child to attend our school, then please raise this with the Local Authority’s Education Health and Care Plan coordinator in the first instance. You will find more information about our Admissions process in the school Admissions Policy (LINK) and from your contact at the Local Authority.

  • Why should I choose Future Education for my child?

We assess every child’s needs individually and seek to build a holistic programme of education that is best for them and their family. We will take the time to get to know you – the parent, as well as the child. If we believe this is not the right place for your child, we will tell you and work with you to find alternatives.

Please take the time to look around this website and find out more about our work, and if you would like more information contact the school and arrange to come in and take a look around, meet staff and discuss the school with the Head Teacher.

We firmly believe in caring for and nurturing our pupils, building meaningful relationships of trust. We focus on the individual above all else, and in that respect we may seem very different to other school your child has attended.

  • What extra support is available for my child/family?

At Future Education we believe that education starts at home. We therefore aim to work with families, providing extra support to create a stable and safe home environment which will give pupils the very best chance of succeeding. To do this, we are able to provide a range of personalised support, drawing from expertise within the school and from across the wider charity.

Our dedicated Support Workers can help families overcome a number of challenges and issues which may get in the way of their child’s learning such as: completing benefit claims and accessing entitlements, accessing training and employment, securing accommodation, managing debt and finances, or even managing health and wellbeing. How is Future Education any different to mainstream schools?

As an independent school we are able to operate slightly differently to maintained schools and this often means we can achieve positive results for pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

  • How will I know if my child is progressing?

We will provide you with ongoing reports and information about your child’s progress, including academic and personal development. We undertake baseline assessments and other tests throughout the year so we can track your child’s progress. Importantly, we will also contact you directly to discuss your child’s progress, to make you aware of any issues or achievements, and to ensure that we can support you in any way we can. We believe in partnership with the families of our pupils and this begins with good communication.

Additional Support Available

Future Education is part of Future Projects, a charity active in helping those experiencing multiple and severe deprivation in Norwich and Norfolk.

We understand the need to support our pupils and their families to encourage participation in education. As such, we can offer additional support with issues such as Benefits, Health and Wellbeing, Housing, Skills, Education, and Employability. We have dedicated support teams that can work on a 1-2-1 basis to help you and out school staff will always make themselves available to you.

Contact a member of school staff to find out more.